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Find The Perfect Scent To Suit Your Space With: Scent Australia

Scent Australia is Australia’s leading full-service scent marketing consultancy that supplies premium ambient air scenting, custom fragrances and scent marketing solutions. The aromas and fragrances are custom made to both complement, suit and strengthen clients’ brands, reaching through to customers on an emotional level.

Scent Australia has such a wide variety of scents and diffusers ranging from, diffuser oils, reed diffusers and wooden diffusers, room sprays, essential oils, hand sanitiser and candles. Scent Australia also can help customers find their very own scent online, with just a few clicks of a button! The quick online quiz will help you to determine what scents suit a particular space the best and what suits you best.

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“From providing ‘signature scents’ developed by trusted international master perfumers to creating effective solutions to eliminate unwanted odours, Scent Australia is Australia’s scent marketing industry leader.”

Scent Australia Oils:

The Diffuser Oils range includes a wide variety of pure scented fragrance oils, that can be used as aroma diffusers for your home. The scents can simply infuse a room with hints of lavender and basil, kiwi and coconut, or even chocolate fudge. The diffuser oils come in different ranges including, the daily range, the luxury range and the premium range. These fragrance oils are suitable for use in all of the Scent Australia aroma diffusers.

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Scent Australia Diffusers:

The Diffuser range can come in three main ranges, the powered diffusers, the wooden diffusers and the glass reed diffuser range. Customers are able to combine diffusers with a wide range of aroma oils from the diffuser oil range. Each diffuser creates a different feel to each space depending on what style it is, the powered diffusers create a more modernistic feel, whilst the wooden diffusers create an eco, natural feel and the glass reed diffusers create a more classic, yet classy feel to space. There is definitely a diffuser to suit every space in the home. Scent Australia can ship oil diffusers throughout Australia and the world. 

Scent Australia Room Sprays:

The Room Sprays range features a variety of fragrances that can transform an entire space completely just based off of a scent… With just a couple of spritses of room spray, you can be transported to the Mediterranean or even the Tropics. Scent Australia can provide the essential oil room scent fragrance sprays with any of the of their essential oil range. The room sprays would make as a perfect gift as they can be suited to anyone, and the room sprays can even come in seasonal scents such as; Christmas room spray.

The producers of some of Scent Australia’s ranges are also responsible for creating many famous international perfumes for Estée Lauder, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Givenchy and Bulgari.

Two of Scent Australia’s most popular scents are the Santal 66 Scent and the New York Scent.

The Santal 66 scent was designed and inspired by the iconic Santal 33 fragrance by Lelabo. the fragrance notes feature; Sweet sandalwood, crisp cedar, earthy papyrus, rich leather and heady amber, tinged with flecks of summer flowers and mixed spices. The range is available in the room spray, reed diffuser, candle and oil.

The New York scent has been designed with a rose and honeysuckle blend, with tangerine, tobacco, mixed wood and a hint of musk. The scent is said to create an aroma that is confident, sophisticated and masculine. This scent is available in the oil, the reed diffuser and the room spray.

With so many scents to choose from, in so many different ranges from, candles, to diffusers, to essential oils, to hand sanitisers and room spray. There is certainly a scent to suit everyone and every space. Order your fragrance sample today and check out the Scent Australia website: https://www.scentaustraliahome.com.au