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How To Organise Your Home During Isolation: Best Tips And Tricks

As we are all stuck at home in the midst of isolation, now is the perfect time to get down and dirty in decluttering, organising, building and redoing projects around the house.

We really don’t have any reasonable excuses as to why we can’t organise our homes during this isolation period, as we are stuck in our homes with plenty of time to spare. Now is simply the best time to finish that project you’ve been putting off, to fix that dripping tap, to tidy up your garden, or declutter your space and reorganise your life.

Here are some of the ways you can organise your home during isolation.

Build your way out of boredom

With plenty of time on your hands, now is a great time to build something new for your home, and to finish any of those construction projects you’ve been putting off. A great project that is not too hard to build is some simple shelves, they are great for both holding items and adding organisational space to your home, as well as also adding a feature to a plain wall.

Building some basic shelves can immediately add a simplistic, yet organised look, as you can stack all of the books you’ve been reading throughout isolation on them, or sit some family photos and indoor plants on them. Shelves are a great way to organise and reduce the clutter around your home, and they are not too tricky to build on your own.

Craft with creativity at home

We all have that one item of furniture in our homes that isn’t used very often and may be old, with paint chipping off, scratches and with torn material… Why not fix it now! With just a fresh coat of paint, a good polish or a simple reupholster you can bring an old and unused piece of furniture back to life.

Revamping items around the house that don’t get used, that just sit around, or are about to be thrown out, can be a great way to organise pieces and furniture around the home, or add a new pop of colour to a plain room.

Get gardening

To get some fresh air, whilst remaining in the boundaries of your home, get outside and do some gardening. Now is the perfect time to grab your tools out of the shed and pull out the weeds in your grass, cut back some trees and plants, neaten up the garden hedges and even plant something new. A great addition to any garden is to plant some herbs or vegetables, the seeds and sprouts can be planted in pots or can be planted in the ground also.

The best part about this is that the kids can even get involved, in looking after herbs and vegetables out in the garden, rather than watching tv all day long. Gardening is a great way to organise the outside areas of your home, whilst also gives you something to do in the fresh air, many find it a therapeutic activity which can actually help clear your mind and reorganise yourself.

Delight in decluttering your home

As many of us are working from home during isolation, we need both a clean environment to work in and a clutter free home to relax in during our spare time. Having a clean home and work space is key to having a clear mind, and going through all of the “clutter prone” spots in the home is a great way to reorganise… it may be time consuming but there’s plenty of time to spare when in isolation.

Everyone should be encouraged to go through their desks and clear away old papers and stationary, to go through their wardrobe and get rid of unwanted clothes and shoes, to go through cupboards, bookshelves, makeup drawers and even the pantry or refrigerator. You can throw away unused products or recycle old papers and forms that haven’t been touched in months, you can even set items aside to donate to charity shops. Now is the perfect opportunity to remove clutter and reorganise your life and get ready to welcome the new in, when the time comes.

There really are numerous ways you can organise your home during isolation, from building simple projects to add organisational features, to getting creative and revamping old and unused furniture, to getting outside to organise your yard and garden with the kids or decluttering the work and living spaces in your home. There is no better time than the present to start reorganising your home and reorganising yourself.