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How To Stop Binge Eating Your Way Through Isolation: Best Tips and Tricks

During this time of the global COVID-19 crisis, the struggle is real, when it comes to working from home with a fridge full of appetising distractions. To help you with binge eating habits is leading nutritionist and Amazonia ambassador, Zoe Dent, with some of the best tips and tricks on how to stay nourished, and not eat all of your snacks in the pantry and Easter eggs in just one day.

The first step to stop binge eating habits is simply in the shopping, as Zoe says, “Like everything in life, the key is all in the planning and preparation”.  When shopping one must remember that everything they put in their shopping trolley at the supermarket will end up in their stomach. The best time to shop is in the morning, either online or in real life, as it’s when motivation is at its peak. Also make sure to food shop after you have just eaten a meal so you are not swayed by any sudden cravings.

Currently whole, fresh foods are not in short supply, therefore there’s no need to stock up and hoard packaged food. Everyone knows how much easier it is to eat a packet of chips, having already consumed the recommended daily intake of fat and salt… But it is so much tougher yet beneficial, to overeat a plant-based meal of vegetables and fruit, that’s actually nourishing and fulfilling for your body.

A huge myth many believe is that eating well is more expensive. Zoe says, “you can actually get all your protein needs from a product like the Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate for around $2 a day”. The Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate actually includes the added benefits of Zinc and Iron, which are great in helping support the immune system. 

As we face isolation in our homes there are really no excuses when it comes to cooking, preparing and eating well. Now is the perfect time to learn a new recipe or try cooking that meal you never got around making. People can now go back to the basics of home cooking, with fresh ingredients and produce to create delicious meals.

Zoe reminds us to cook simply, with one pot meals and to play around with recipes, by adding in protein powders and different nutrients. This way you can get the most out of what you’re eating, so you can keep yourself healthy and fuller for longer. Zoe also suggests that we cook once but eat thrice, meaning we cook double the vegetables needed for dinner, so you have leftovers to incorporate into different meals throughout the next couple of days.

We should all start our day the right way, by eating a properly balanced breakfast with vegetables, proteins and fats. There really isn’t such thing as, healthy snacking, so instead eat three proper, balanced, nourishing meals that will keep you full until the next meal.

“A smoothie is one of my favourite go-to’s as you can load it with veggies and boost it with a multi supplement, I love the Amazonia Raw collagen glow, which has your daily Vitamin C needs plus the added goodness to have you shining from the inside out.”

Hydration is key, often when people rummage through their pantries and binge eat, they are actually thirsty… not hungry. If you have a sudden craving, have a glass of water and 10 minutes later reassess your hunger levels. It is so important to keep hydrated throughout the entirety of the day, you can mix up water with herbal teas or even add some greens for an extra energy hit.

To avoid the usual 3pm slump and snack hour, that many of us face, Zoe suggests that instead we go for a walk around the block, mediate, or take a few drops of the Amazonia Raw Sugar Crave Release. The Raw Sugar Crave Release contains a blend of herbs that stop cravings and often by utilising these quick, it can reset cravings.

When it comes to cravings, however, if it’s just boredom or hunger then fulfil both needs first. If you are still craving a particular food, then eat that food. Zoe says, “if you’re constantly craving chocolate, then have chocolate… Avoiding a strong craving by having an apple, then a biscuit and then finally chocolate does not help”. We are allowed to treat ourselves with snacks and treats in moderation, “enjoy the treat, acknowledge the enjoyment it brings and move on.”

Feeling guilty about eating food is not an emotion any of us need to experience right now, instead, we need to remind ourselves to be kind to others and more importantly be kind to ourselves, as it is the key to getting through this uncertain and challenging time.

For more on Zoe you can visit: https://www.findyourglow.com.au