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Oscar Wylee: High Quality, Affordable Eyeglasses

Oscar Wylee is a family run, Australian business that specialises in the production of handcrafted optical frames, sunglasses and lenses. The eyewear business has successfully developed into a chain of optometry stores around the country, Oscar Wylee says, “We are proud of the handcrafted products that we offer to customers at our stores every day”.

Oscar Wylee provides customers with an extensive range of high- quality eyewear designs with a timelessly vintage feel. The glasses come in a variety of different colours, patterns, face shapes, widths and materials. There certainly is a style for everyone, and with such a wide range of designs, customers are guaranteed that they can find their perfect pair.

The Oscar Wylee showrooms are permanently available in many shopping centres and malls around the country. The showrooms are great for customers to come and see the frames in person, try designs on and meet the retail workers too. Customers can also book in for in-store eye tests that are available without cost for eligible Medicare card holders.

The retail workers in store provide excellent customer service and are there to help you find your perfect pair of glasses. Across all of the 50 Oscar Wylee stores, each of them exude with class and sophistication in the store design, as well as bringing “patient care with a clean aesthetic”.

The products available can be broken down into three main categories of Oscar Wylee eyewear;

Optical Frames, are designed with state of the art materials to craft frames, such as, acetate frames, lightweight titanium frames and hypoallergenic stainless steel frames.

Sunglasses, are approved with Category 3 protective lenses, that reduce any glare and block strong reflective lights. Oscar Wylee prescription sunglasses are also available in this range in the colours, grey, brown and green.

Lenses, are sourced as thin, light and scratch-resistant, ready to be paired with Oscar Wylee frames. The lenses can come with options to add anti-reflective hydrophobic coatings, high index, transition, blue light filter and multifocal options.

The glasses and eyewear available are all made out of the same high quality materials as the ultra-high priced frames seen in designer boutiques. From the design process, to sourcing materials, to the manufacturing and sale of Oscar Wylee glasses, all is managed in-house.

Oscar Wylee prides itself on the price and affordability of it’s eyewear, as they create both stylish, high quality glasses and eyewear at an honest price.

The eye wear brand does not partner with companies that dominate the market and charge excessive fees. All of the frames sold come direct to customers through the web store, enabling shoppers to avoid other optical shops and their high prices.

Oscar Wylee cares about eye-care and passionately believes that “everyone has the right to sight”.

The brand endeavours to close the gap in the provision of eyecare across the world. Oscar Wylee performs partnerships with not-for-profit charities and donates part of the annual proceeds towards communities in Myanmar, East Timor, Cambodia and Australia.

For every pair of glasses customers buy, the brand donates a portion to someone that is in need of eye care. “While we just hope you love our frames it’s nice to give others something to look forward to”, says Oscar Wylee.

Oscar Wylee provides fashionable, affordable and high quality eye wear, that as a brand, continues to propel forward into the forefront of optometry in Australia. Through charitable partnerships that contribute toward the eye-care of others, a wide range of designs that feature different colours, patterns, face shapes, widths and materials, at an affordable price, there is a pair of Oscar Wylee eyeglasses fit for everyone.

For more visit: https://www.oscarwylee.com.au