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SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FLIP: Foldable and fascinating

What goes around comes back around. From old styles to vintage technology, trends from the ’80s and 90’s always find a way to make a comeback today in 2020. Tech giants are constantly looking for ways to correlate with the coming and going needs of consumers and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip looks to do just that.

Foldable phones are back and are the latest craze in mobile phones. Like all new and cutting-edge technology, they usually come with a hefty price tag; however, Samsung is bringing Australia its cheapest foldable phone yet with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip hitting stores this month.

The foldable smartphone is Samsung’s second attempt at a foldable device after the Galaxy Fold, a tablet that could be folded in half to be the size of a regular smartphone. According to the tech giant, the Galaxy Z Flip is designed for customers who appreciate design and want a statement piece along with convenience.

To match the original purpose of original folding phones, the Samsung Z Flip has been designed to offer everything a regular phone can do but in a more pocketable form factor.

The Samsung Z Flip boasts a flip-phone form factor, Snapdragon 855+ processor and a 6.7-inch FHD+ OLED display. When folded, the phone can easily fit into any bag, pocket or trouser with ease. Usually working in business attire, I find myself wearing jeans or tight chinos which the Samsung Z Flip would slide in with additional room for my keys or wallet. This is essential for workers and parents who are on the go and need something fast and compact.

Once opened, the 6.7inch screen stretches across the entire inside face and suddenly boasts a large display. The display is sleek, attractive and bigger than the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max. Unlike a majority of smartphones, the Z Flip includes a raised ridge around its display which protects the foldable glass that makes up the phone’s wide display.

The Z Flip includes a fingerprint sensor situated within the power button which gives users almost instant access to the phone once they’ve touched the sensor.

Unlike the flip phones we have come to know and love, the Z Flip is wireless-chargeable and has Wireless Powershare, allowing the folded Z Flip to charge other handsets of any brand such as Apple Airpods or Samsung Galaxy Buds. The battery life lasts all day, just needing to be recharged at night-time for the day ahead.

The smartphone consists of 3 cameras with a single 10MP lens at the top in the centre and two 12MP cameras on the devices rear, one wide and one ultra-wide. All three cameras, whether on the inside or outside, can be used to take selfies with a preview of your selfie being shown on the external display with just the double-click of the power button.

The Samsung Z Flip is above its foldable phone competitors, retailing at almost half the price of the Huawei Mate XS. The Z Flip is due to go on sale on April 3 for $2199 with pre-orders opening Friday the 20th of March. Whilst it’s Australia’s cheapest, newest flip phone, it is still Samsung’s most pricey mobile.  The Z Flip has said to be already sold out in overseas markets due to “high demand”, with interest in the new and improved smartphone running high.

Whether you need a foldable phone for work, business or just to overcome your nostalgia because you miss having a flip phone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is perfectly suited to your work life and love for high-end technology. With a compact design, fun features, and impressive graphics, the Z Flip is bound to make waves in the world of technology.