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Sustainable Escapes

The World’s Greatest Sustainable Escapes Revealed

Explore the best eco-friendly destinations and experiences the world has to offer with, Lonely Planet’s Sustainable Escapes.

The acclaimed publisher, Lonely Planet, is releasing it’s latest travel guide book, Lonely Planet’s ‘Sustainable Escapes’, this March. The book features the globes best eco-friendly destinations, cultural tours, conservation opportunities, hotels and wildlife experiences from around the world.

sustainable escapes

The book consists of five chapters, with each chapter corresponding to one of the fundamental aspects of travelling being, nature, relaxation, culture, urban and learning. The book will help readers pick from the best eco experiences from around the globe, making it irresistibly easy for travellers to book their next trip feeling “better than ever about getting away.”

‘Sustainable Escapes’ celebrates the achievements of sustainable tourism and travel, as well as the top eco-friendly activities and accommodation experienced by some of the globes most esteemed travel writers. “Some options had sustainability at heart from conception, while others have made a concerted effort to improve… What unites them, is a commitment to enacting positive change,” says Lonely Planet.

The sustainable escapes featured in the book prove that sustainable tourism is possible all around the world, “It can take many forms, from high-end private island hideaways in Indonesia to intrepid coastal clean-up expeditions in Australia, and from remastered heritage hotels in Monaco to innovative community tourism projects in Cuba,” Lonely Planet says.

Along with many other countries, Australia is represented in the book with some of its sustainable experiences and escapes, some being, The Alex Hotel in Western Australia, The Clean Coast Collective Organisation, Lady Elliot Eco Resort in Queensland, Longitude 131 in the Northern Territory, Swell Lodge on Christmas Island and The Wukalina Walk in Tasmania.

The book is guaranteed to spark interest and inspiration within all travellers wishing to practice, support and experience sustainable, green getaways from different destinations all around the globe.

Lonely Planet’s Sustainable Escapes will become available in stores this March and will retail for $29.99 AUD.

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