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The All New: Volkswagen T-Cross

The Volkswagen T-Cross 2020 is so much more than just your average, small SUV. The latest Volkswagen model features a fully functional design, that is striking, yet stylish and highly versatile. The T-Cross is spacious and clever, packed with many features… It is simply everything but conventional. 

Volkswagen T-Cross: Sophisticated Style

The all new Volkswagen model comes in a range of fun and funky colours, there surely being a colour to suit everyone. The car colours range from deep metallic blues, to vibrant turquoise, to classic black and white. The LED tail light clusters are there to guide you from day to night with bold body contours that show off the car’s athletic wheels. This SUV is suitable for every destination whether it is a coastal road trip or an inner city drive through a bustling neighbourhood. The vehicle has been designed to suit every lifestyle, instantly exuding with character and style of the highest quality. 


You can smoothly slide right into the supportive and adjustable driver’s seat and notice all of the fine details like; matching seat upholstery and dashboard décor. The steering wheel will support your hands with a supple leather texture and controls that operate your driver aid technology. The boot capacity begins at 385 litres, with a generous amount of legroom, however, if you just slide the rear seat forward you can further reveal even more space, 455 litres to be exact.

Volkswagen T-Cross: Smart Safety Features

The T-Cross certainly doesn’t slacken on safety as the new model comes with an extensive set of safety and driver assist features. The car has inbuilt innovative technology that has been designed to keep you and your passengers safe at all times. The Lane Assist comes as standard feature and helps to determine when you’re about to leave your lane, it responds by counter steering and helping to keep your vehicle within it’s lane. Light Assist is an automatic feature that can turn on your high beams when needed, the light assist will also dim automatically when other vehicles are detected ahead.


The T-Cross has also been designed to see what you can’t, The Blind Spot Monitor assesses and avoids dangerous situations by detecting cars and motorcycles in your blind spot. This feature also has the ability to highlight the vehicles in your blindspot via an LED indicator on the door mirror. With the touch of a button the optional Adaptive Cruise Control senses the distance between your car and the car in front, automatically braking or accelerating to maintain the distance.

Volkswagen T-Cross: Terrific Technology

This Volkswagen model features an incredible 8” infotainment system that has exclusive, clever tech functions. The model allows you to do anything from adjusting your external lights to connecting your phone using App-Connect to get your favourite tunes pumping. The speaker system is simply superb, as the premium audio delivers 300W of pure unadulterated audio, with a subwoofer and amplifier that deliver perfectly, powerful sound.

The next generational Digital Cockpit makes the T-Cross the most intuitive small SUV thus far. You can simply personalise your drive by customising the digital display system to your liking. Drivers can ultimately transform instruments into a fully navigational map display, customise gauges and trip data. The T-Cross also comes fitted with a wireless charging tray for convenient charging when you’re on the go. The car also features 4 USB ports to keep all your technology fully charged for whenever you might need something, whether it’s tablets to keep the kids entertained on a long road trip or your mobile whilst working and receiving calls on the go.


The Volkswagen T-Cross is simply a suitable SUV for anyone, the model excels in overall style and sophistication with a creative colour range, an excellent light display and a smooth and supportive interior. The inbuilt safety features have been designed to keep yourself and your passengers safe at all times on the road, and the technological features are current and clever with an amazing audio sound system and a convenient charging tray. For an SUV unlike any other Volkswagen T-Cross is the car for you.